The first solo exhibition by London-based artist George Henry Longly, the project was inspired by the book A House in Space by Henry S.F Cooper, which documents the day to day lives of astronauts on board Skylab, the first US space station operated by NASA from 1973–1979.

Considering astronauts and cosmonauts as the original reality TV stars, Longly created several environments that echoed the human needs and roles played out whilst living in space: working, living, resting, eating and sleeping.
All above images credit: Installation view of We All Love Your Life at Red Bull Arts New York, 2016.
I Lose it Every Time I'm Close to You, 2016. Photoreactive resin.
Come.And.Creep, 2016. Ribbon and neoprene cape made in collaboration with James Long. Four minute audio mix featuring Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Brandy and Kylie Minogue.